The Oldest New Music Artist In Texas

Because it’s never too late to have a good time


Bubba T is always looking ahead – and never looking back. Isn’t that what makes a great artist? Living it up and cooling it down...enough to catch some perspective. Well, at least long enough to record a tune that’ll be the soundtrack to the next good time.

Man with a past

Bubba T has plenty of material to work with, as he’s already done plenty of living – living large. But now, he’s really living it up by living his dream – making and sharing music. He would have done it earlier, but back in the 1960s a whole host of well-intended family (backed by Brother Bob the preacher) were there to nip his budding music career in the bud. What else were good, non-dancing Baptists to do? Besides, Bubba had a big brain. Why not use it? So he did …and still does, by the way.

Bubba goes to college

So, instead of music, Bubba went to college and got himself a diploma or two – and a day job or two. Bubba has always been Bubba – since he was just a little Bubba to his big sister – but he’s also Edward Bates Tomlinson II, ESQ, BBA, JD, and has initials after his name indicating he’s not only smart, but proved it to Texas Christian University. So they gave him a degree (BBA). Then, he received a JD from Southern Methodist University (which lets him be a lawyer since he’s also proven his worth, so to speak, to the state bar associations of both Texas and Tennessee).

Boss man

Well, the day jobs turned into an illustrious career and Bubba became important and stuff – doing the lawyer thing, leading a big real estate and asset management company, serving on and chairing boards, doing cool stuff for his community, blah, blah, blah. You know, all that junk “the man” does in life – and more. Oh, he’s still involved in banking too – a chairman of the board. And, he owns part of a music publishing company in Nashville. Bubba is seriously big stuff and moves in many different circles. But, that’s not enough! Some people just aren’t ever satisfied, huh? Now, he’s after another career as a country music artist.

Music making

We all like music. So does Bubba. He wanted to create some and share it with you. We all thought that would be a good idea. Hopefully, you’ll agree. Then, we can all have some more fun. (And, Bubba can freak out the stuffy-lawyer-world with his new endeavor, and potentially-new-found-fame.)

The dream – a night job

So, even though some people don’t like lawyers very much, you’ve probably already noticed Bubba is different. He just wants to play the music, pursue the dream, and be an enabler – paving the way to a good time. And, if you have a little too good of a time …remember lawyers can come in handy.

Personal life

Bubba also makes time along the way to share his life with special people. Some of that population includes a few ex-wives. In true Bubba-fashion, they more than get along – they all work together, each being major players in his Real Estate Companies, as they have for years. Yes, unique. Bubba also has lots of friends – many of them life-long. And, he’s lucky enough to have daughters that came along when he was 48 and 50. Both are incredibly lovely and brag-worthy.

Closing remarks

We rest our case. Bubba is a good guy. But, more importantly he appreciates good music – and hopes you put his in the “good” category, and will enjoy listening – whether it’s on your own or in a crowd. Your next good time might be tonight, courtesy of Bubba T’s music. He also thanks God for his blessings and ability to have his dream at 70. He considers himself very lucky.

Sounds like an ‘ol country song, “Because it’s never too late to have a good time. Honey, it’s late, but it’s never too late. Actually it’s kinda early. Early in the mornin’…” Well, maybe Bubba can cook something up for his follow-up album. Stay tuned. You never know what he might do next.